Outside Covered Batting Cages – Hard Balls Only

Outside Covered Batting Cages
Hard Balls Only

Bring out that kid in you again!!!Batting machines set at speeds every one can be successful at. Easy transition from T – hitting to the real thing…with the excitement of hitting out in the fresh air. Why hit in a warehouse when you can be outside but protected from the weather.  Make it SERIOuSLY FUN not serious!

OPEN Daily and lit every night.

 Cages are open until 7:30P.M. (7pm on Sundays) Cages are covered so you don’t get cold or wet. But you are outside like the game was meant to be played. Practice in the natural light and fresh air.


Tokens are purchased in the proshop. Each token throws 20 random pitches. Practice watching for strikes and balls without an umpire yelling in your ear.  You may purchase tokens individually for $2.50(includes tax) Tokens go in the top slot. Just push the black button and start swinging.

The Batting cages are unique because you are outside like real baseball.  Feel like you are a pro at spring training. Bring the kids for family fun.


There are 3 cages each set at a different speed.

  • Cage 1 is 40 MPH

Set up and meant for kids first experience at bat.

  • Cage 2 is 50 MPH
  • Cage 3 is 60 MPH






There are benches for family members to sit and watch.  If it is busy in your cage of choice…stand at the rail as batters are great at taking turns between tokens.

 Machines throw both balls and strikes!

Bats and helmets are provided   for your use at no extra charge. 

Still have questions? Contact us so that we can further assist you.

Be outside but not indoors. No stuffy indoor cages here! Don’t let our rainy days scare you away from swinging a bat.Cages are covered with covered spectator benches as well.

 Time for dad to show the kids how he hit the ball when he was a boy.  Bring the camera and lots of laughter will fill your day!